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Old Glory

In the wake of the recent ignorant, obscene 'rant' by the America-hating, Socialist "Talker", Bill Press, I felt compelled to add this page to my web site.

The National Anthem is a wonderful, historic, spine chilling song, that is NOT that difficult to sing (as proven by the 5-year old girl -below) !

Bill Press calls to abolish stupid and embarrassing national anthem

Liberal radio talk show host Bill Press said THIS on his nationally syndicated program recently:

"It is a major crusade of mine and that is to get rid of the Star-Spangled Banner. Now I know you're going to say I am not a true American I'm not patriotic. I don't think patriotism has anything to do with it. The National Anthem is just absolutely monumentally un-singable. I mean there's so much wrong with it. I don't know where to start."

Bill Press -WHY don't you 'start' by slitting your Left-Wing, America-hating wrists? OR . . finding a nice tall bridge to jump off? I think MOST Americans would prefer to "get rid" of YOU, because you -and Liberal asses like you, are a noxious POX on our wonderful, 'traditional values' American society -and don't deserve the freedoms those of us who have 'served' afford you!

You are NOT just an idiot -you are an ill-informed, un-patriotic "Progressive" scum-bag, who apparently, does NOT 'get out' much! I have been singing the National Anthem since grade school and here is a LINK to a wonderful rendition by a little 5-year old girl! Every time I hear The Star Spangled Banner, I get shivers up and down my spine . . except, perhaps when your Lefty buddy, Roseann Barr, sang it.

Speakers ON !

5-year old sings National Anthem !!

This will give you the shivers. .IF you are a 'good American', unlike that POS, Bill Press. I say WE abolish Bill Press!

US National Anthem by the combined Academy Choirs

Here's me and my Navy Choir boys, in 1966 . .WE knew how to sing this wonderful, historic classic!!

Choir & F-11

Old Glory

T-34 Touch 'n Go

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Recording of  'Eternal Father'  (The Navy Hymn),  by  

the NATRACOM Choir  at rehersal at NAS Pensacola in 1966