============ A Navy Flyer's Creed ============

I am a United States Navy Flyer.

My countrymen built the best airplane in the world

and entrusted it to me. They trained me to fly it.

I will use it to the absolute limit of my power.

With my fellow pilots, air crews, and deck crews, my plane

and I will do anything necessary to carry out our tremendous responsibilities.

I will always remember we are part of an unbeatable combat team--the United States Navy.

When the going is fast and rough, I will not falter.

I will be uncompromising in every blow I strike. I will be humble in victory.

I am a United States Navy flyer. I have dedicated myself to my

country, with its many millions of all races, colors, and creeds.

They and their way of life are worthy of my greatest protective effort.

I ask the help of God in making that effort great enough.

~Anonymous Naval Aviator


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