Aircraft FedEx Has Flown -1972-1999

Original FedEx Wings


The DC-10 Workhorse

DC-10 Freighter DC-10 Freighter DC-10 Freighter

The A300 & A310, In Various Locations

A300 Night A300 close-up A300 Thanksgiving

A310 On Approach A300 V1-Rotate A300 Initial Segment Climb

Taxi in Toronto A300 Unloading A300 Landing

The MD-11, In Various Paint Schemes & Locations

MD-11 off in sunset

MDC-11 On Ramp MD-11 New Paint Job MD-11 On Liftoff

MD-11 Old Paint Job MD-11 Taxi MD-11 in Anchorage

MD-11 Liftoff

B-737F first All Freighter B-737

B737 Freighter

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