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B727 Freighter, in flight

Airline Pilots [dot-com] Web Site


[ALPA] Airline Pilots Association Site

[IPA] UPS Pilot's Web & Jumpseat Site

SouthWest Pilot's Web Site

Ratko's Airline Job Rating Web Site

Flying Career at FedEx [Read Ratko's Page First!]

I was 1st!

I Had the "FedEx" Idea 1st! (1984)

Monty Lee's 401K Site

The "Fed Up" Site

FedEx Credit Union

FedEx Package Tracking

FedEx Shipping via the Internet

FedEx YAHOO Message Board

Vist "Express Deliveries" -YAHOO Club

Roll-out of MD-10

Books about FedEx

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About FedEx:

Memphis Weather -Usually Crummy

The "Bubbaville" Newspaper

Think Different

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"We Haven't Crashed One. . Yet !" -Terry Fennessey, Flight Management -the #1 Aviation Safety Resource on the Internet-The Wall Street Journal

Latest MD-11 -"in" Subic Bay !!Subic Accident Subic Accident

A300 -at Manila AirportManila Accident Manila Accident

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