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Here are some very special friends, with whom I share both the bond of Naval Aviation and a magical ski season in Aspen. They both found a 'different path', in the creation of wonderful music and entertainment after their first tours of Navy duty. They are fellow Navy Pilots who have spent their lives in creativity -and sharing their wonderful talents with the world in the years that followed.

The season I spent tending bar in Aspen, they were part of the band, "Inside Edge", performing nightly at the Christian Endeavor Bar at the Aspen Highlands ski resort.

Jim Clare

Jim Clare

Sh*t hot Navy F-4 Phantom pilot and 'leader of the band'. Jimmy and I served together for 3 years in VRF-31 at Naval Air Station Norfolk, lived in Virginia Beach -and ended up in Aspen when the jobs we had aspired to at United Airlines evaporated. Click on his name to read Jim's Bio, above!


John Sommers

John Sommers

Former Navy Pilot & Musician / Entertainer Extraordinaire!

John has worked with numerous "name" entertainers -and among other things, he wrote the classic "Thank God I'm A Country Boy", which was recorded and made legend by John Denver, in whose band John performed with for years. Click on his name to read John's Bio, above!

Here are some old color slides I managed to salvage of the Christian Endeavor Bar, "the Highlands gang", bar manager Neil Johnson & Jim Clare and the band, "Inside Edge" in which Jim & John performed

Jim, Neil & Bobby

Jim, Lorie & my fellow bar tenders

The "Inside Edge" Band

The Highlands gang-bartenders & band

The Highlands gang-bartenders & band 2

'Froggy', Neil, Maggie, Drew & Friends

The Highlands gang-bartenders & band 4

Hangin' in sunshine with the ladies

One of the last ski runs of the season

. . . . & Acquaintances

Charlie Downs -"The Well-Healed Mac"

Charlie Downs -Desert Rat and Real Estate Guru

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