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F-4 Formation

Wings of gold

============ A Navy Flyer's Creed ============

I am a United States Navy Flyer.

My countrymen built the best airplane in the world

and entrusted it to me. They trained me to fly it.

I will use it to the absolute limit of my power.

With my fellow pilots, air crews, and deck crews, my plane

and I will do anything necessary to carry out our tremendous

responsibilities. I will always remember we are part of an

unbeatable combat team--the United States Navy.

When the going is fast and rough, I will not falter. I will be

uncompromising in every blow I strike. I will be humble in victory.

I am a United States Navy flyer. I have dedicated myself to my

country, with its many millions of all races, colors, and creeds.

They and their way of life are worthy of my greatest protective effort.

I ask the help of God in making that effort great enough.


For Veterans !!

Mesothelioma Resource Online

Phighter Community

Phantastic, Phabulous Phantom Photos

F-4 Phantom Gallery

Fighter & Attack Squadrons-Past/Present

ATTACK Community

A-1 Skyraider Page

Navy VA Links

VF-101 NAS Oceana

Squadrons & Air Wings

Squadrons Lineages [List]


Skyhawk Association

Tailhook Association

Phantom Society

Gunfighter (Crusader) Page

Naval Helicopter Association

Naval & Aviation Links

Naval Aviator Slang

Naval Aviation Links

Links to Naval Aviation

Busiest Aviation hub in Cyberspace:

Sky Flash






Aviation Museums

National Museum of Aviation - Pensacola

Quonset Air Museum

Naval Historical Center

USS Intrepid Air, Space & Sea Museum -NYC

USS Lexington -Corpus Christi

USS Saratoga -Quonset Point

USS Midway - San Diego

USS Forrestal -Baltimore

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

US Air Force Museum

Carriers & Bases

Location of All Navy Bases & Air Stations

All Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carrier Landing Pattern

NAS So. Weymouth

NAS Pensacola

History of NAS Pensacola

NAS Whiting Field

NAS Key West

NAS Quonset Point

NAS Norfolk

NAS North Island

NAS Imperial Beach

NAS Memphis

Airplanes & Helicopters

Current Navy Aircraft

US Navy Helicopters

SH-3 Sea King

CH-46 Sea Knight

TH-57 Sea Ranger

AH-1W Super Cobra

UH-1N Huey

CH-53D Sea Stallion

T-45 Trainer

Personal Web Page Links

"Bonnie Dick"

Air Warriors - Journel of a Student Naval Aviator

Jetsam & Flotsam Links

"Bug's Prayer"

Frequently Asked Naval Questions

Rank Insignia of Navy Commissioned and Warrant Officers

United States Navy Uniform Decorations

Military Officer Rank Insignia

Veterans and Military Websites

Scramble - United States Navy

Navy Web Site

(CAF) The Commerative Air Force

"The WALL"-Viet Nam Memorial

Viet Nam POW's Page

High Flight (FAA Version)


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