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Pilot Forums:

Airline Pilots

(A great place to keep up with what goes on in the professional piloting world)

Fractional Pilots

Air Warriors

(A vast array of the most arrogant, ignorant, pompous assholes you will ever find congregated in one place!)

A-1 (Skyraider):

A-1 Skyraider Association:

A-1 (Spad Images):

Able Dogs:

A-3 Skywarrior (Whale):

A-4 Skyhawk Association:

A-4 Skyhawk:

Active Naval squadrons:

Aircraft Homes:

Aircraft Photos - YAHOO

Aircraft Used In VietNam War:

Aircraft Walkaround Center:

Airline Internet Discount:

Airstrip America:

Air War over Korea:

Air Shows (Sky Flash):

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AOPA Online

Approach Plates (NOAA):

Army & Air Force Exchange Serivce:

Art Kramer's B-26 Maurader WWII page:

Naval Aviation Breast insignia:

Aviation Photography:

Aviation Week & Space Technology

Aviator Slang

AvWeb Magazine

Barrat Tillman's Web Page:

Bell P-59 Aircomet:

Bill's Guide to Airshows:

Blackbird Museum:

Carrier Order of Battle:

Chinese J-8 Fighter:

Combat Aircraft Homepage:

David's Airline Link

Ed Williams Aviation Page

Ejection Seat Page:

[EAA] Experimental Aircraft Association Home Page

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F-4 Phantom:

and . . .more F-4 Phantoms:

F-4 Phantom (1st to last -5057):

[FAA] Fatal Passenger Events-By Airline

Flying Tankers

Getting the Military Medals you earned:

GROMOV Test Pilots:

Jet Menu:

HAL-3 (Seawolves):


Helicopter Related Links:


Mile High Club (All About the )

Miramar Airshow 2006:

Moller Sky Car:


NAS Grosse Ilse:

NAS Wildwood:

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[NTSB] National Transportation Safety Board

Naval Aviation

Naval Aviation Links

Naval Aviation News Index:

Naval Aviation (Jolly Roger) Links:

Old Geezer:

[EAA] Oshkosh Fly-In

Professional Pilot Discussion Groups:

P-51 Mustang

Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Assn:

Ryan FR-1 Fireball (Composit-jet-recip):

Smithsonian Air & Space

The Areonut:

Track A Flight !!


Uniform Matters:

USS Hornet:

USS Oriskany (CV-34 / CVA-34):


War Birds on the Web:

Wearing of the Uniform:

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