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Little Black BoxPage OneUS Navy Seal

        Family from Boston
        Small Town Farm Life
        Cradle of Liberty
        Early Fascination With Flight
        Sputnik-Soviet Threat!
        First Flying Lessons
        Off to College
        Should I quit College for Navy
        Off to Pensacola-Flight Training

Little Black BoxPage TwoUS Navy Seal

Link to CNABATRACOM Choir Pictures

        First Flight-Saufley Field
        Primary Flight-the T-34 Mentor
        Stay in Pensacola-for the Choir
        Learning to Fly the T-28
        The Helicopter Bad News
        First -Instrument Training

Little Black BoxPage Three

        Helo Training

        Designated Naval Aviator
        Off to the RAG -Key West

Little Black BoxPage Four COMNAVAIRPAC

        Reporting to the squadron
        Work Ups for the ship
        NATO Cruise - '67'68

Little Black BoxPage Five

        NAS Norfolk - VRF-31

Little Black BoxPage Six

        Commands, Squadrons, Ships -Patches and Info
        NAS So. Weymouth -Joined Navy
        NAS Pensacola AOCS
        NAS Saufley Field VT-1
        NAS Whiting Field VT-3
        NAS Saufley Field VT-5
        NAS Pensacola VT-6
        NAS Ellyson Field (HT-8)
        USS Lexington (CV-16)
        NAS Key West HS-1 (H-3 RAG)
        NAS Quonset Point HS-9
        USS Essex (CVS-9)
        USS America (CVA-66)
        NAS Norfolk VRF-31
        MCAS Beaufort (CH-46)
        NAS Kingsville (VT-21)
        NAS NAS Cecil (VA-44 A-4 RAG)
        NAS Oceana (VF-101 F-4 RAG) & (VA-42 A-6 RAG)
        NAS Oceana (VA-42 A-6 RAG)
        NAS Imperial Beach (HS-84)
        NAS Memphis VR-53 (C-118)
        NAS North Island VR-57 (C-9B)

Little Black BoxPage Seven


        Under Construction

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